National Adoption Day!

National Adoption Day!

Today is National Adoption Day!

As we head into the Holiday Season families from all over the world will gather together to celebrate. It is important to remember the thousands of children who need a family…and the impact that having one can make on their lives.  Everyone deserves a family to feel, wanted, loved, supported, included, or special, and the families created by adoption do just that.

It takes a wonderful kind of person to step outside of themselves and adopt a child. I know first-hand how being adopted into a large, unique and loving family changed my life at the age of 3.   I am the youngest of 5 children, we are all adopted , with the exception of my oldest sister…and we are also all of different ethnic backgrounds.

Me at age 7, my sisters and my brother

Today I would like to give a round of applause and a very big THANK YOU to my parents Jim and Carol for, loving and guiding me… even when I was a miserable teenager.  For always rooting me on and supporting my dreams, for showing me the example of a beautiful and strong marriage based on friendship and love, and helping me to become the woman that I am today!

My Mom and Dad

To all of the parents who have adopted children, and to those of you who are in the process or even considering it…you are truly amazing and genuinely appreciated!

2 thoughts on “National Adoption Day!”

  • Your family is absolutely lovely, Margeaux, and you describe the beautiful way a family can be made and grown through adoption with such love that it brings me to tears.

    It doesn’t take as special a person to adopt as many believe; only a person who loves other human beings with all of their heart, and realizes that we belong to one another. Growing a family through adoption is the greatest gift one can give to themselves. The love of children is so pure, so honest and so sincere, it will leave you changed for the better, for the rest of your life. Why not welcome that into your world through the beauty of adoption?

    Thank you for sharing your story and for reminding those of us on the path to adoption that the wait is worth it. There is the perfect forever family for every child, and the perfect child for every family, if we are wiling to trust the journey.

    • Hi Lisa
      I’m so happy that my story touched you, and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. It will all be worth the wait. All of your lives will be forever changed in such a wonderful way with addition of a new child to your family in this way.
      Please keep me posted and share pics!
      With Love,

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